The Carrie Furnaces were built in 1881 as part of U.S. Steel’s Homestead Works, a sprawling 400-acre complex that spanned both sides of the Monongahela River. The furnaces¬†produced up to 1,250 tons of steel a day until they were closed in 1978.

While the majority of the site was razed for a shopping center, the 100-foot high furnaces still stand. Now they are an extremely rare example of pre-WWII ironmaking technology. The furnaces were designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2006 and preservation efforts are underway.

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One thought on “Rankin”

  1. This is awesome, I love all the photos from throughout the site. We just launched the Rivers of Steel Arts website that has event dates and a lot of info for all of the programs we have going on at Carrie Furnaces now. I love that site! Cheers!


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